Massage and Foot Care

Massage and Foot Care

Feet are crucial; they provide support for your body and enable you to move. That’s why Shopdepre shares with you how to massage and take care of your feet after a tiring day.

Foot Massage

After a long day at work, you return home with tired, aching feet. Use two fingers to press on points located between your toes. Press deeply and gently for about 10 minutes; this will help relax your feet.

Massage and Foot Care

Chair Exercises

Stand behind a chair, hold onto the backrest, lift one foot, and flex your toes up and down while keeping the other foot on the ground. Slowly lower the lifted foot until it touches the ground again. Perform this exercise about 15 times for each leg; it strengthens your calf muscles and improves the muscles around your knees.

Toe-Head Walking

You can do this exercise while tidying up your home. The movement is straightforward: simply walk on your tiptoes. This exercise is great for your calf muscles, toes, and the soles of your feet.

Massage and Foot Care

Ankle Circles

Perform this exercise while sitting or standing. Lift one foot and slowly rotate your ankle in a circular motion. Repeat this movement about 5-10 times for each foot.

Stretching Band Exercise

You’ll need an elastic band with good flexibility for this exercise. Loop the band around a piece of furniture, like a chair or a bed. Sit down and cross your legs slightly at the knees. Thread one foot into the band and slowly pull it tight, repeating this 15 times for each leg.

Toe Exercises

Use your foot to pick up a small towel placed on the floor. Alternatively, you can use your toes to pick up small stones and put them in a basket to help stretch and strengthen your toes. It’s simple and can be done whenever you have some free time.

Massage and Foot Care

Walking on a Small Ball

All you need is a tennis ball. Roll your foot back and forth over the ball to keep your feet healthy each day. Alternatively, you can use a foot or full-body massage machine for a deeper and more effective massage.

In this way, Shopdepre has shared all the information related to how to massage and take care of your feet after a long, tiring day.

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