List of the 5 Tallest Football Players in the World Today

List of the 5 Tallest Football Players in the World Today

Football is a sport loved and passionately followed by many people. Therefore, famous players always garner a lot of attention. So, do you know the top 5 tallest football players in the world today? Let’s explore their remarkable heights below with AVA.

Kristof Van Hout – 2.08m

At the top of the list is Kristof Van Hout, standing at 2.08 meters tall, making him the tallest goalkeeper in the world. Currently, Van Hout is still actively playing for Westerlo FC in the Belgian Pro League, the same league in which Vietnamese player Cong Phuong previously played for Sint-Truiden FC. Despite his towering height advantage, he hasn’t shone brightly as he continuously sits on the substitute bench.

caoPrior to that, he played for top Belgian clubs such as Standard Liege and KRC Genk. However, his football career hasn’t left a significant mark due to his excessively tall stature, which has posed challenges in ball handling.

Kristof Van Hout is the tallest goalkeeper in the world.

Paul Millar – 2.07m

Following Kristof Van Hout, Paul Millar possesses an impressive height of 2.07 meters. Millar is a professional English football player currently playing as a forward for Elgin City FC. His remarkable height of 2.07m provides him with a significant advantage over other players on the field.
Millar has effectively utilized his height advantage, scoring 15 goals in 66 appearances. Besides his successful football career, Millar also works as a firefighter in Scotland.

Tomas Holy – 2.06m

Tomas Holy is a Czech goalkeeper currently playing for Ipswich Town FC in the EFL League One. With an imposing height of 2.06 meters, he is highly valued for his tall stature and excellent skills. Currently, he holds the number one goalkeeper position at Ipswich Town FC. His impressive height has consistently placed him among the top 3 tallest football players in the world.

Yang Changpeng – 2.05m

Yang Changpeng possesses an impressive height of 2.05 meters and is a young Chinese forward. Currently, he plays as a forward for Henan Jianye FC. Despite his towering height advantage, Yang Changpeng has struggled to make an impact and has had lackluster performances on the field.

Dino Hodzic – 2.05m

Rounding out the top 5 tallest football players in the world is Dino Hodzic, a Croatian goalkeeper. Currently, he plays for Kari FC in Iceland. Standing at 2.05 meters tall, he is primarily known for his height, but his career has mostly been unremarkable as he has played for smaller clubs.


So, AVA has revealed the top 5 tallest football players in the world. Hopefully, their outstanding height combined with exceptional talent will lead them to achieve greater success in their football careers.

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