Is wifi harmful? The effects of wifi on health

Is wifi harmful? The effects of wifi on health

With the increasing use of smart devices, not only parents but also young children are using them extensively. Everyday devices such as phones, laptops, etc. all require wifi access to serve their purpose. Therefore, wifi signals surround us and have continuous contact with the human body, which can cause various harmful effects. Let’s explore the hazards of wifi in the following article by AVA.


Wifi signals affect memory:

In a memory test conducted on a group of 30 healthy volunteers, including 15 males and 15 females:

Initially, the volunteer group did not have any exposure to wifi signals.

Then they were exposed to 2.4 GHz wifi signals for a duration of 45 minutes.

The results showed significant changes in brain activity and energy, especially in females.

The harmful effects of wifi affect memory.

Wifi signals affect sperm:

As we know, the heat generated by regular laptop use poses a danger to sperm. However, scientists have warned that heat is not the only danger that can kill male sperm. Research has shown that prolonged exposure to wifi frequencies can reduce sperm motility and cause DNA fragmentation.


Changes in heart rate:

Experts have shown that people living in environments with high wifi, 3G, or mobile phone signals undergo physical reactions similar to those of a person experiencing stress, such as changes in heart rate.

Wifi disrupts sleep:

One of the most evident harmful effects of wifi on health is the disruption of the user’s sleep. Placing a phone near the bed when sleeping regularly can cause chronic insomnia.

The reason for this is the impact of wifi and phone radiation on the brain, leading to persistent sleeplessness, which is a significant factor in brain cancer in today’s era.

Headaches from excessive wifi exposure:

If the body is exposed to wifi signals for too long, it can lead to dizziness or headaches. This is especially true for office workers who regularly use wifi-connected computers or phones.

Therefore, it is advisable to turn off wifi-emitting devices and avoid using phones when not necessary. Instead, take the time to rest and relieve mental stress.


In conclusion, AVA has provided answers to the question of whether wifi is harmful. Wifi is a useful smart device for everyone, but it is important to limit its use and turn off wifi when not in use for the sake of everyone’s safety. Thank you for reading the article.

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