Is it harmful to take daily contraceptive pills, and what are the accompanying side effects?

Is it harmful to take daily contraceptive pills, and what are the accompanying side effects?

Currently, there are various methods of contraception, and using daily contraceptive pills can be highly effective when used correctly. Many people wonder if taking daily contraceptive pills is harmful and if they have any side effects. To answer these questions, AVA will provide you with the following useful information.

The purpose of contraceptive pills

Daily contraceptive pills are oral tablets that contain hormones to control the activities of the uterus and ovaries, reducing the chances of pregnancy. These pills contain a combination of estrogen and progesterone hormones, which thicken the cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to pass through.


In addition to their primary contraceptive function, these pills can also improve acne conditions and regulate menstrual cycles. Furthermore, they have the ability to reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancers and prevent osteoporosis.

Answering the question of whether taking daily contraceptive pills is harmful
The main ingredients of daily contraceptive pills include progesterone and estrogen, both of which are hormones approved by the Ministry of Health for use in contraceptive medications. These hormones create an unfavorable environment for fertilization and prevent egg release. Therefore, it can be affirmed that daily contraceptive pills are not harmful, and there is no evidence to suggest that using these pills causes infertility.

However, to use contraceptive pills correctly and safely, it is advisable to consult a doctor and follow the prescribed dosage. If you have the intention to conceive, you should discontinue using the pills and educate yourself about the stages of fetal development to understand how to care for the fetus during each trimester.


What are the side effects of using daily contraceptive pills?

In addition to concerns about whether taking daily contraceptive pills is harmful, many people are also interested in the side effects of using these pills. Along with the effects of the product, using contraceptive pills can cause hormonal changes and potentially lead to some side effects. However, these effects are usually temporary and disappear quickly within 2-3 hours. Some common side effects may include:

Breast tenderness
Weight gain
Mood swings
Decreased libido
Irregular menstrual cycles
With the information provided by AVA, you probably have an answer to whether taking daily contraceptive pills is harmful or not. It is important to consult with a doctor and follow their guidance to maintain a healthy body and ensure safe contraceptive methods.

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