Is Glue Harmful?

Is Glue Harmful?

Nowadays, glue is widely used in various fields, especially in wallpaper installation. So, what is glue made of, how does it work, and is glue harmful? All of these questions will be answered in detail in the following article.

What is glue?

Glue is a type of PVA glue with its main component being Poly, a white milky organic polymer compound with a slightly sour smell. Compared to regular adhesive pastes, glue has better adhesion, durability, and can be used on various surfaces. Therefore, glue is commonly applied and used in different fields.


What is glue used for?

Glue is commonly used for bonding materials such as wood, paper, walls, cardboard boxes, and children’s toys. Additionally, it is also used in various handmade crafts that are popular among many people.

Furthermore, there is a trendy toy among young people called “Slime,” which is made using glue. By combining glue with baking soda, salt solution, and various beads or foam, fascinating and colorful Slime blocks are created, attracting the attention of children and becoming a beloved game.

Answer: Is glue harmful?

Although glue has a sour smell, it is considered to be a type of glue that causes less harm and is even used for toys and handmade crafts. While it is evaluated as relatively safe compared to other types of glue, it is still an industrial product, so caution should be exercised when using it to ensure safety.


It is best to avoid getting glue in the eyes as it can cause eye irritation and should not have prolonged contact with glue. Inhaling the smell of glue for an extended period may cause headaches and respiratory discomfort. It is particularly important to never ingest glue as it can be life-threatening.

Therefore, this article has provided an understanding of what glue is and whether it is harmful. It is hoped that this information is helpful for readers and encourages them to use glue safely for their health.

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