Is getting filler injections harmful in the long run? What are the safety precautions when getting filler injections?

Is getting filler injections harmful in the long run? What are the safety precautions when getting filler injections?

Currently, filler injections are widely used to address various body imperfections such as the cheeks, nose, buttocks, and under-eye wrinkles. Many clients are interested in this service and often wonder about the potential risks of getting fillers. This article by AVA will provide answers.

What is beauty enhancement through filler injections?

Filler is a soft tissue filler substance injected into different depths of the skin to fill wrinkles, provide overall facial firmness, and correct facial imperfections, resulting in a smoother appearance.


Are filler injections harmful in the long run?

For clients who have undergone the filler injection process, the initial results are generally stable, and they will have smooth and firm skin. However, afterwards, many people are concerned about the potential long-term risks of filler injections.

Most clients maintain the minimum results for at least 6 months and can last up to 3 years. If you choose reputable and safe beauty centers, the filler substance will gradually dissolve over time, and the treated area will return to its original state. After that, you can undergo filler injections to achieve your desired aesthetic shape.

Filler injections are not harmful if you find a reputable and safe filler injection center that ensures customer safety before the procedure. You should undergo a pre-screening examination to determine if your body is compatible with the filler substances, thus reducing the likelihood of unexpected risks.

Safety precautions for filler injections

Once you are aware of the safety of filler injections, there are several important considerations to ensure a safe and desirable outcome, avoiding the pitfalls and potential harm of poorly administered filler injections. Pay attention to the following five aspects to ensure safety:

Choose filler injection services from reputable and long-standing beauty centers that receive positive evaluations from customers based on quality, rather than relying on private clinic advertisements.

Select a beauty center with experienced aesthetic doctors who are trained and certified in the field. Choose a center that is equipped with clean facilities and meets the required safety and hygiene standards.

Research and carefully consider the specific type of filler you wish to use. Do not purchase fillers online without proper authorization. Only buy from trusted brands that have the necessary licenses, safety certifications, and import invoices.

Thoroughly inspect the injection syringe before the procedure. The filler syringe must be intact, with undamaged packaging and labels.


Inform the doctor about your current health condition, any underlying medical conditions, and any medications or dietary supplements you are taking. Some filler ingredients can cause adverse reactions that affect the blood clotting process after the injection.

AVA has provided answers to the question of whether filler injections are harmful in the long run. We wish you the best in selecting a reputable and safe beauty center for your health. Thank you for reading our article.

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