Is ejaculatory control harmful and what are the consequences?

Is ejaculatory control harmful and what are the consequences?

The question of whether ejaculatory control is harmful is not only a concern for men but also for many women. For various reasons, men often need to control ejaculation in certain situations. Let’s find out if ejaculatory control is harmful and how it affects health.

Answer: Is ejaculatory control harmful?

Sexual activity is a natural instinct of human beings that satisfies not only sexual desires but also brings pleasure, excitement, and numerous health benefits as well as happiness in a family. However, to achieve all three elements in sexual activity, moderation and harmony are necessary.


Ejaculation is the process of releasing semen from the reproductive organ to fulfill sexual desires. Research has shown that frequent sexual intercourse can deplete energy, impact health, and affect fertility. Therefore, experts advise men not to ejaculate excessively.

This misconception leads men to believe that abstaining from ejaculation can avoid negative effects and prolong sexual activity. As a result, many individuals interrupt sexual intercourse when they sense the impending ejaculation.

Experts assert that ejaculation provides no health benefits, erectile function, or ejaculation controlled by the nervous system. Abruptly stopping sexual activity to suppress ejaculation will leave both partners unsatisfied mentally and inhibit the central nervous system, disrupting the functions of the reproductive system.

Therefore, it can be said that ejaculatory control does have harmful consequences. Interfering with the natural course of events can affect sexual function and men’s health, so men should never abstain from ejaculation during sexual activity.

Serious effects of abstaining from ejaculation

From a medical perspective, abstaining from ejaculation inhibits the nervous system and the reproductive organs, and if prolonged, it can harm both men and women. Here are some consequences of abstaining from ejaculation:

Significant psychological impact

First and foremost, ejaculatory control affects both oneself and the partner. If a man abruptly withdraws the penis from the vagina to suppress ejaculation, it can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction for both partners, as they are unable to achieve orgasm.

For men, sexual intercourse and ejaculation are synonymous with achieving orgasm. Therefore, abstaining from ejaculation hinders the process of achieving personal orgasm, leading to sexual desire not being relieved. This can result in psychological stress, fatigue, and negatively impact the sexual life and happiness of couples.

Abstaining from ejaculation can lead to infertility

One of the consequences of ejaculatory control is the potential for infertility. In order to conceive, sperm and eggs must meet. Abstaining from ejaculation means sperm is not released externally and does not enter deep into the vagina, making the fertilization process difficult. Furthermore, abstaining from ejaculation gradually reduces sperm production and quality, resulting in reduced fertility and making it harder to conceive.


The above provides an answer to the question of whether ejaculatory control is harmful. If men experience ejaculation issues, they should consult a doctor for examination and treatment, rather than abstaining from ejaculation, which can affect health and quality of life.

Moreover, long-term abstinence from ejaculation can lead to a decline in sperm production, as well as decreased quality and quantity of sperm. Consequently, it becomes more difficult for women to conceive when ejaculation does occur.

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