Investigating whether using pod devices is harmful and understanding the truth about this product?

Investigating whether using pod devices is harmful and understanding the truth about this product?

Electronic cigarettes are being seen as a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes chosen by many people today. In Vietnam, after the introduction of pod devices, they have become a trend among young people and are gradually becoming more widespread. So, are pod devices harmful, and what are the specific risks associated with this product? Let’s find out the accurate answers with AVA through the following specific information.

Addressing whether using pod devices is harmful:

Many people who use pod devices often wonder if they are harmful, and the answer is yes. However, statistics show that the harm caused by these devices has decreased by 60% compared to regular cigarettes due to better control of nicotine release.


Pod devices are less harmful than traditional cigarettes because they are designed to help people quit smoking conventional cigarettes. The e-liquid in pods has been reduced by 80%, so compared to those who smoke regular cigarettes, this product has fewer harmful effects.

Pod devices produce less smoke, come in various flavors, and often use nicotine salt e-liquids. The e-liquid is vaporized along with water vapor in the heating chamber, which helps filter out many harmful substances during the flavor and vapor production process. Pod devices are suitable for those who want to quit smoking.

Understanding the truth about the potential harm of pod devices:

To determine whether using pod devices is harmful, it depends on the amount of e-liquid containing nicotine or fruit flavors. The ingredients in these products can have some effects on the body:

Diacetyl: Diacetyl can have negative effects on the lungs and respiratory system. While it is considered safe, it can still cause long-term harm such as bronchiolitis obliterans or lung inflammation if used for an extended period.

E-liquids in vapes, if used with fruit flavors to enhance the taste, have minimal impact on the body.

Nicotine: Pod devices contain less nicotine compared to traditional cigarettes, and although it has certain effects on the body, it is considered safer than other traditional tobacco products.


Coumarin: Some companies may add this ingredient to pods for additional profit, but it poses potential risks to health.

Based on the information above, AVA has shared with you whether using pod devices is harmful or not. It is best to find ways to completely quit smoking and maintain a healthy body and well-being.

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