How to Reduce Belly Fat with Ginger, Alcohol, and Fresh Turmeric Massage

How to Reduce Belly Fat with Ginger, Alcohol, and Fresh Turmeric Massage

Reducing belly fat can be achieved through various safe methods such as increasing physical activity, adopting a balanced diet, using essential oils, massage oils, or utilizing a full-body massage chair with infrared features. In this article, Shopdepre will share the method of reducing belly fat through massage using ginger, alcohol, and fresh turmeric. Please read on!

Prepare the Massage Ingredients

To begin the massage process, you’ll need to prepare the following ingredients: a small amount of white alcohol, 1 kg of fresh ginger, 1 kg of fresh turmeric, and a sealable container.

How to Reduce Belly Fat with Ginger, Alcohol, and Fresh Turmeric Massage

Preparing the Massage Mixture

First, clean, peel, and remove the outer skin of the ginger and turmeric. Rinse them again and let them dry.

Next, slice the ginger and turmeric into thin pieces, or you can also grind them for a faster preparation.

Finally, place the ginger and turmeric in the container, add a bit of white alcohol, seal the container tightly, and store it in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. It can be used after one month.

How to Reduce Belly Fat with Ginger, Alcohol, and Fresh Turmeric Massage

Using the Ginger, Alcohol, and Turmeric Mixture for Massage

Take a shower and dry yourself thoroughly.

Pour a cup of ginger and turmeric alcohol mixture and gently rub it all over your abdominal area.

Begin massaging gently by making circular motions around your waist in a clockwise direction, moving from the inside out, for about 8 minutes.

To enhance the effectiveness of belly fat reduction, it’s recommended to incorporate regular physical exercise and make dietary adjustments for a healthier eating regimen. Avoid excessive consumption of sugary drinks or carbonated beverages, limit fried and deep-fried foods, and opt for foods low in sugar.

Additionally, you can use an infrared massage chair when you have free time. Infrared rays can penetrate up to 2mm beneath the skin’s surface, reaching cells and tissues, with the ability to heat up to 55 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, when combined with a 4D roller system, airbag massage, vibration massage, and more, it can not only reduce belly fat but also target fat in various other areas.

Moreover, the massage chair offers full-body massage capabilities, providing users with relaxation, improved work efficiency, enhanced quality of life, stress reduction, and tension relief.

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