Guide: 4 Comprehensive Ways to Make Yogurt at Home | AVA

Guide: 4 Comprehensive Ways to Make Yogurt at Home | AVA

Yogurt is a delectable dessert with a tangy-sweet flavor that’s incredibly easy to enjoy. If you’re interested in preparing this tasty treat for your family to relish together, it’s best to check out our guide on 4 nutritious ways to make yogurt at home in the article below!

Comprehensive Guide: 4 Ways to Make Yogurt at Home from A-Z

Many people assume that making yogurt at home for indulgence is quite challenging, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. There are numerous methods to create a delightful cup of yogurt for your family. To assist you in successfully accomplishing this, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide on the 4 most useful ways to make yogurt at home. Take a moment to peruse and apply them:

Method 1 – Using Condensed Milk

Begin by pouring condensed milk into a large bowl, then use a plastic cup to add 1 cup of boiling water and 2 cups of boiling water that have cooled down into the condensed milk. Stir thoroughly using a spoon or ladle until the condensed milk dissolves into the water.

Guide: 4 Comprehensive Ways to Make Yogurt at Home | AVA

Next, introduce yogurt culture into the mixture in the bowl, stir it well, then pour the mixture into individual jars. Seal the lids securely, place them in a warm spot to ferment. After fermentation, store the yogurt in the refrigerator’s cold section for up to 2 weeks (remember to consume it before it goes to waste).

Method 2 – Using Fresh Milk

Pour fresh milk into a pot and heat it, then use a spoon or ladle to stir in one direction to prevent the milk from lumping or sticking to the bottom. Next, add white sugar according to your preference and taste, ensuring thorough stirring to dissolve the sugar completely.

Guide: 4 Comprehensive Ways to Make Yogurt at Home | AVA

Heat the milk to around 70 – 80°C (158 – 176°F), then turn off the stove (note not to let the milk boil completely at 100°C/212°F, which would cause the loss of nutrients). Allow the milk to cool, then add yogurt culture, stirring well. Ladle the mixture into jars for fermentation and refrigerate them for storage.

Method 3 – Sugar-Free Yogurt

In the context of this comprehensive guide on 4 ways to make yogurt at home, the method of crafting sugar-free yogurt should not be overlooked. Users need to pour sugar-free fresh milk into a pot, heat it, and stir it thoroughly in one direction.

Guide: 4 Comprehensive Ways to Make Yogurt at Home | AVA

Once the milk reaches approximately 40°C (104°F), turn off the stove. Add yogurt culture, stirring well, then ladle the mixture into jars and let it ferment for 6 – 8 hours. Once the yogurt achieves your desired level of tanginess, store the remaining jars in the fridge.

Method 4 – Crafting Thick Yogurt

To successfully make thick yogurt, pour both fresh milk and condensed milk into a pot. Heat it on the stove, stirring in one direction until the milk reaches around 70 – 80°C (158 – 176°F), then turn off the stove. Once the mixture cools slightly, pour it into jars and proceed to ferment. Once the yogurt is ready, store it in the fridge to enhance its flavor before serving.

Guide: 4 Comprehensive Ways to Make Yogurt at Home | AVA

In Conclusion

With this article, we have comprehensively guided you through 4 delightful and nutritious ways to make yogurt at home from A-Z. We hope that after going through these steps, you’ll successfully create yogurt for your family to enjoy together!

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