Genetic Factors in Cardiovascular Disease

Genetic Factors in Cardiovascular Disease

Genetic factors and cardiovascular diseases are always interconnected, but there are still other factors that can help minimize their impact. Let’s explore with shopdepre!

What risks can lead to cardiovascular issues?

Unmodifiable factors

Factors that contribute to the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases that cannot be changed are specifically listed by doctors and experts:

Genetic Factors in Cardiovascular Disease

Gender: Generally, males have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular issues compared to females. This difference appears from a young age. However, as individuals age and reach menopause, the cardiovascular risk becomes equivalent in both genders.

Age: For elderly individuals, due to the heart’s extended period of work and the natural aging process, immune functions and the heart’s contractility decrease over time. The heart walls thicken, arteries become stiff, leading to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. This is particularly important for older adults since statistics show that around 45% of people who pass away due to stroke are above the age of 65.

Genetic factors: In families with a history of cardiovascular diseases, the risk can be passed down to future generations, making them more susceptible to cardiovascular issues compared to others.

Modifiable factors

These are factors that develop during our growth and development. Making changes and adjustments early on can minimize the risk of hereditary cardiovascular diseases.

Being overweight or obese is also a notable contributor to cardiovascular diseases.

Environmental pressures, prolonged stress at work, can lead to high blood pressure.

Lack of exercise and physical activity.

Unbalanced diet and nutrition.

Having diabetes can lead to cardiovascular issues due to complications.

Consuming alcohol, smoking, and using harmful stimulants can damage health.

Genetic Factors in Cardiovascular Disease
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Is cardiovascular disease related to genetic factors?

Currently, there is no definite affirmation that cardiovascular diseases are solely genetic. The congenital heart disease is caused by genetics. However, just because a parent has a disease-causing gene doesn’t necessarily mean their child will have the disease, as the gene may or may not be inherited. Experts only consider genetic factors to be one of several causes of cardiovascular diseases. With the advancements in modern medicine, research has discovered common causes of cardiovascular diseases today, such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic disorders, and more.

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