Foot Massage Helps Treat Illnesses and Reduce Pain

Foot Massage Helps Treat Illnesses and Reduce Pain

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the feet contain up to 300 different acupuncture points. Each meridian can effectively support the treatment of illnesses and pain reduction if we know how to massage properly and appropriately. Let’s learn about how foot massage can help treat illnesses and reduce pain with shopdepre!


Sinusitis can develop into a chronic condition and cause discomfort for patients. To minimize sinus symptoms, you should apply firm pressure continuously to the tips of your toes for 15 – 20 minutes to achieve effective massage results.

Foot Massage Helps Treat Illnesses and Reduce Pain

Neck and Shoulder Pain

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, when experiencing neck and shoulder pain, you should massage and apply pressure to the small toe to alleviate the symptoms of sore neck and shoulders.

Stomach Pain

Stomach pain or digestive issues are discomforting symptoms that anyone can experience. When you have stomach pain, massage the area of the foot directly related to the stomach, duodenum, and intestines. This area has blood vessels directly connected to the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine, and massaging it can reduce and soothe pain, making your stomach more comfortable.

Foot Massage Helps Treat Illnesses and Reduce Pain

Knee Pain

In addition to treating sinusitis, reducing stomach pain, and alleviating neck and shoulder pain, foot massage can also help with knee joint pain. Furthermore, foot massage can also support the proper functioning of the heart, liver, and renal systems, providing relaxation, comfort, better sleep, and an uplifted spirit.

Foot Massage Helps Treat Illnesses and Reduce Pain

Foot massage is an effective method of healing that you should apply. Additionally, you can use a full-body massage chair or a foot massage machine at home instead of going to massage centers or spas. Nowadays, full-body massage chairs are equipped with various advanced features such as 4D roller technology, airbag systems, infrared heat, etc., providing users with an authentic therapeutic massage experience.

The meridians and nerves in the feet are directly related to various body parts such as the heart, stomach, and even the respiratory system. Therefore, don’t forget to perform daily foot massages to keep your body healthier.

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