Facial Beauty Massage Technique

Facial Beauty Massage Technique

According to research, daily facial massage helps reduce psychological stress, improve mood, and bring a fresh and youthful glow to the face.

Mindset and Finger Rubbing

Stand straight, relax and broaden your chest, straighten your back; breathe evenly, hold your breath; maintain inner calm and consistent intent; interlace your fingers and rub, massaging your hands for about 2 minutes to establish mindfulness and warm up your hands.

Facial Beauty Massage Technique

Forehead Rubbing, Nose Bridge, and Facial Rubbing

The forehead and nose area is prone to wrinkle formation. Hence, during the massage, it’s important to be thorough and evenly apply pressure to reduce wrinkles. Here are some methods:

Spread both hands and apply pressure to both sides of the cheeks, then rub in a circular motion from the inside out: use your pinkies to massage each side of the nose, your four fingers to rub the forehead, use the palms to rub the cheeks, and use your thumbs to massage the temple area. Sequence: from the sides of the nose up to the forehead, across to the temples, down to the cheeks, and then the hands meet. Repeat 15 times with gentle, swift, and firm strokes.
Benefits include making the skin more hydrated, enhancing its shine, elasticity, wrinkle reduction, and decreasing accumulated subcutaneous fat.

Eyebrow Rubbing and Forehead Rubbing

Close your eyes, use the middle three fingers to press on acupuncture points and apply firm and gentle pressure about 15 times.

Close your eyes, use all four fingers to rub from the middle of the forehead to both temples. Sequence: press down the middle line, press the Yin tang point, press the temples, cup the temples, press down the middle line. Repeat 7-10 times. Perform all actions slowly.

Facial Beauty Massage Technique

Close your eyes, use the pad of the thumb and index finger, and the middle finger to push, rotate from the forehead to both temples in this order: above the eye socket – the corner of the hairline on the forehead. Perform about 5 times, steadily and slowly. Helps strengthen the muscles around the eyes, forehead, and outer eye corners, smooths the forehead, and reduces wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Eye Socket Rubbing and Pressing the 4 Eye Corners

When massaging the eye area, caution is needed as it’s a sensitive part that can be easily damaged. Follow these steps:

Place the middle and index fingers on the temple area, then gently rub in an upward direction along the eyebrow, then the eye socket, and the corner of the eye. Hold for 5 seconds at the eye corner, then gently rub along the upper eyelid in the opposite direction towards the temple. Perform about 10 times to keep the eyes from feeling tired and droopy.

Cheek and Lip Rubbing

Many believe that plump cheeks won’t easily age, but conversely, they are prone to sagging and aging. Hence, regular massage is essential to keep the cheeks firm.

Use the index and middle fingers to lightly tap in circular motions around the eyes to increase blood flow to the eyes. Use the knuckles to rub around the mouth: start from the philtrum, go to the Cupid’s bow, the vermillion border, and the nasolabial fold. Perform 8-10 times. This helps reduce facial wrinkles, blemishes, subcutaneous fat accumulation, and restores the firmness and smoothness of the lips, while preventing wrinkles around the lips and tightening the gums.

The basic principle for cheek massage is to move from the inside out and from bottom to top; avoid going against the grain.

Chin and Neck Rubbing

Lip closed, head tilted back: Use the middle finger and the area under the index finger and middle finger to rub from the tip of the chin to both sides of the cheeks, following this sequence: tip of the chin, cheeks, indentation in front of the ears – protrusion behind the ears, press firmly about 10 times. Next, use the ball of the thumb and index finger to rub under the chin, pulling outward to both sides, about 5 times.

Facial Beauty Massage Technique

Use both hands to rub both sides of the neck: from the protrusion behind the ears to the Adam’s apple. Apply firm and slow pressure, move upwards, then gently and softly downwards, about 5 times. This prevents sagging, subcutaneous fat accumulation, and wrinkling under the chin and neck.

Scalp Brushing, Hair Pulling, Head Tapping, and Face Patting

Slightly curve both hands, use the strength of your five fingers to scratch and rub along the hairline, following this sequence: hairline (forehead), crown, and back of the neck. Next, press and pull the scalp using the fingers. Brush, scratch gently about 10 times. Afterward, tap the scalp – tap slowly about 10 times.

Next: slightly curve both hands, tap the head and face in the following sequence: forehead – around the eyes – both sides of the nose – both sides of the cheeks – crown – temple – back of the neck – neck. Perform this sequence slowly and firmly 3-5 times.

These steps aim to improve the peripheral nerves of the facial head, the function of blood vessels and hair, stimulate muscles and smooth skin, encourage hair growth and pigment formation, prevent gray, dry, and falling hair.

So, Shopdepre has shared all the related information about at-home beauty massage techniques.

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