Facial Acupressure Massage for Rejuvenation

Facial Acupressure Massage for Rejuvenation

Facial acupressure is a significant practice in traditional Eastern medicine. Inner Acupressure Points can awaken internal potential to enhance qi and blood circulation, promote relaxation, and nurture skin vitality.

Method of facial acupressure massage

It’s essential to locate the acupressure points accurately. To massage the acupressure points, use the thumb of your right hand to gently press while simultaneously massaging the points with your left hand. At the same time, use your index finger to lightly support the Outer Acupressure Points. Move both fingers rhythmically with one finger applying firm pressure while the other remains gentle, repeating about 50 times. Then switch hands and reverse the process.

Facial Acupressure Massage for Rejuvenation
cách bấm huyệt

Massage until you feel a slight tingling at the point. Consistency on a daily basis will yield impressive results, promoting youthfulness and overall well-being.

When to practice facial acupressure massage

Pay attention to your body’s signals to identify signs of aging, which typically include:

Dry and peeling skin

Signs of skin aging can begin to appear as early as age 25. However, factors like sun exposure, pollution, improper diet, etc., can accelerate this process. If you perceive yourself as aging faster than your peers, it indicates early signs of aging.

Facial Acupressure Massage for Rejuvenation
kết quả massage ngừa lão hoá

To prevent this, besides practicing facial acupressure massage, maintain a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Appearance of eye bags

Factors such as fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, and UV radiation damage the delicate skin around the eyes, leading to the formation of eye bags – a common sign of aging, particularly after 40. If they appear before this age, it indicates accelerated aging of internal organs.
To prevent eye bags, ensure sufficient sleep, avoid excessive salt intake, stay hydrated, practice eye and facial acupressure massages.

Menstrual cycle disturbances

Menstrual irregularities can signal early menopause. The average onset of menopause is around 46 to 55, and if it occurs before 40, it indicates premature aging of internal organs.

Facial Acupressure Massage for Rejuvenation
chế độ ăn lành mạnh

To prevent this, undergo regular health check-ups for timely treatment and supplement vitamins. Also, incorporate regular relaxation through massage.

Physical weakness

If you experience difficulty walking a distance, climbing stairs, or performing physical activities, it’s essential to address this issue seriously. It’s not merely due to a lack of physical exercise but indicates the difference between chronological and biological age. In simple terms, you are aging faster than your actual age.
To prevent this, choose a physical activity such as walking, jogging, playing badminton, swimming, etc. Engage in regular exercise and practice Inner Acupressure Points massage consistently.

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