Face Dance – Massage Techniques to Make Women Look 10 Years Younger

Face Dance - Massage Techniques to Make Women Look 10 Years Younger

Massage is not only a method for health care but also an excellent way to improve the skin’s appearance. Face Dance, also known as the “skin dance,” is a massage technique aimed at improving sagging and aging skin, originating from a woman dubbed the “ageless queen” in the land of cherry blossoms, Okyanmama. In this article, shopdepre will share with you the Face Dance massage technique that can make women look up to 10 years younger.

Advanced Cheek Lift Massage Exercise

For this exercise, start by lifting your chin upward until the cheek area is just below your eyes, and hold until you feel the facial muscles getting tired. Be sure not to create wrinkles on the nose bridge when doing this motion.
Next, you need to stretch your mouth wide, hold for 5 seconds, and repeat this movement 5 times.

Face Dance - Massage Techniques to Make Women Look 10 Years Younger

This exercise will help raise the cheek area and reduce the hollow space below the eyes while improving wrinkles around the mouth.

Eliminate the “Double Chin”

To perform this exercise, begin by slowly lifting your neck and looking straight ahead while bringing your chin forward and maintaining this position for 5 seconds. Then continue by pulling your mouth to both sides, creating an “I” shape with your mouth, and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this 3 times.

Face Dance - Massage Techniques to Make Women Look 10 Years Younger

This movement targets the jawline (connecting the jaw to the lower chin), the front and back neck muscles. If you diligently practice this exercise daily, you can bid farewell to the “double chin” in a short period and gain confidence with a more slender chin.

Eye Wrinkle Removal Massage Exercise

When performing this exercise, use one hand to hold the nose bridge and use the index finger of the other hand to gently pull and stretch the eye wrinkles upwards. While doing this, slowly open and close your eyes for 10 times. Repeat the same motion for the other eye.

Things to Keep in Mind When Practicing Face Dance

If you feel your face becoming slightly warm during the Face Dance exercises, it indicates improved blood circulation. Alternatively, if you sense a mild and regular fatigue, it’s a sign that the exercise is starting to have an effect. Of course, we need time to adapt and gain control over our facial muscles. Over time, these muscles become more flexible and pliable.

Face Dance - Massage Techniques to Make Women Look 10 Years Younger

Face Dance, like other beauty and health care methods, requires perseverance and regularity. If you stop or interrupt your training, your face will return to its previous state. Therefore, it’s essential to practice these exercises daily for the best results.

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