Exploring Whether Riding a Bicycle Can Result in Breath Alcohol Test

Exploring Whether Riding a Bicycle Can Result in Breath Alcohol Test

According to Vietnam’s traffic regulations, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is prohibited. Most people think that riding a motorbike or driving a car under the influence of alcohol is not allowed. However, few consider that riding a bicycle might also result in a breath alcohol test. So, is it true that riding a bicycle can lead to a breath alcohol test? To get a clear answer, read the detailed information in the article below.

Overview of Alcohol Concentration

Food alcohol is an organic compound with addictive properties that can cause nervous system hallucinations and poisoning when consumed. Alcohol is commonly found in beverages such as wine and beer, which are fermented from ingredients like starch, grains, fruits, barley, rice, and more. Alcohol concentration refers to the amount of food alcohol in beverages, measured as a percentage of volume. Additionally, alcohol content is measured in milliliters of pure ethanol in 100 milliliters of solution at 20°C.

Exploring Whether Riding a Bicycle Can Result in Breath Alcohol Test

When operating a vehicle while having consumed alcohol, the alcohol content in the body can impair the nervous system’s autonomy, cause impaired awareness, hinder directional judgment, and increase the likelihood of causing traffic accidents.

Answering “Does Riding a Bicycle Result in a Breath Alcohol Test?”

The answer is yes, riding a bicycle can result in a breath alcohol test. According to preliminary survey statistics, about 70 out of 100 people believe that riding a bicycle does not lead to a breath alcohol test. However, in reality, according to Vietnam’s current legal regulations, cyclists are subject to the same breath alcohol tests as other vehicles, including motorcycles and cars.

Exploring Whether Riding a Bicycle Can Result in Breath Alcohol Test

Vietnam has the highest beer consumption rate in the world, and this trend is on the rise. The increasing instances of accidents caused by individuals consuming alcohol and then operating vehicles have led the Vietnamese government to tighten its laws and penalties for participating in traffic while under the influence of alcohol.


Knowing whether riding a bicycle can result in a breath alcohol test provides valuable information. The severe consequences of combining alcohol consumption with traffic participation underscore the need for caution and avoiding driving under the influence.

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