Exploring Various Martial Arts in Vietnam from A to Z

Exploring Various Martial Arts in Vietnam from A to Z

There are many parents who desire their children to learn martial arts for better health and self-defense. In our country, there are various martial arts disciplines, which can leave people uncertain when it comes to choosing. To help you make a more informed decision, this article will delve into the different types of martial arts in Vietnam, from A to Z.

Understanding the Range of Martial Arts in Vietnam from A to Z

In our country, there are numerous martial arts styles, and alongside them, there has been an influx of foreign martial arts traditions. This leads many parents to seek a comprehensive understanding of the martial arts available in Vietnam to make careful choices for their children:

Exploring Various Martial Arts in Vietnam from A to Z

Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts

Vietnamese traditional martial arts embody the essence of our nation, characterized by the flexible interaction between various techniques, both human and animal-like. Many young people nowadays study this martial art for self-defense.

Muay Thai

Originating from Thailand, Muay Thai employs eight limbs of the body in combat: fists, elbows, knees, and shins, used for both offense and defense at close quarters.


When exploring martial arts in Vietnam, you are sure to come across mentions of Taekwondo. Originating from South Korea, this martial art has been incorporated into Olympic sports.


Karatedo is an ancient martial art from Japan, respected by many countries for its remarkable ability to fight using bare hands and feet. Practitioners must develop extreme flexibility in their bodies for effective defense and counterattacks.

Viet Vo Dao

Also known as Vovinam, this martial art was developed by Master Nguyen Loc, drawing on the essence of Vietnamese martial arts and incorporating global elements. The striking techniques in this discipline are visually captivating, and its leg-locking techniques have gained worldwide recognition.

Exploring Various Martial Arts in Vietnam from A to Z


Through this article, we have delved into various martial arts in Vietnam from A to Z. We hope that you will discover a suitable martial art for yourself or your acquaintances, allowing you to engage in training and strengthen your body effectively!

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