Effective Tips for Treating Newborn Startle Reflex

Effective Tips for Treating Newborn Startle Reflex

Many parents worry about their newborns experiencing startle reflex, which can affect their well-being. In these cases, it’s best to avoid or minimize the use of medication or antibiotics. So, what are some effective and safe methods to treat newborn startle reflex? Let’s explore them in this article!

Traditional remedies for treating newborn startle reflex

Since ancient times, traditional remedies for treating newborn startle reflex have been applied based on physiological reasons and lifestyle habits. For cases where the startle reflex is caused by underlying medical conditions, it’s advisable to consult a doctor promptly to prevent any negative impact on the baby’s health. Below are some tips for treating newborn startle reflex that you can consider and apply.

Effective Tips for Treating Newborn Startle Reflex

Avoid playfulness before bedtime

Before putting the baby to sleep, it’s important not to engage in playful activities that might make the baby forget about sleep. Excessive playfulness can lead to the baby experiencing startle reflex while sleeping. Parents should also avoid making direct eye contact with the baby frequently, as this can keep the baby awake and unwilling to sleep.

Limit heavy feeding before bedtime

This is a quite effective tip that many parents use nowadays. It’s recommended not to feed the baby heavily and close to bedtime. Foods that are difficult to digest, such as eggs and cheese, should be restricted before bedtime. Overfeeding the baby can lead to indigestion and shallow sleep. Even slight noises from outside can startle the baby awake. Moreover, parents should also limit foods that have diuretic effects, as they can lead to increased urination in the baby.

Minimize excessive comforting when the baby cries at night

Parents often have a common tendency to immediately pick up or soothe the baby upon hearing cries or murmurs. However, it’s advised not to do this. Instead of picking up the baby right away, parents should wait for a few minutes and observe the baby’s reaction. If the baby continues to sleep, it’s best to let them be. Developing a habit of picking up and comforting the baby every time they cry can lead to negative habits.

Effective Tips for Treating Newborn Startle Reflex

In conclusion

The above are the complete tips for treating newborn startle reflex that we provide for our readers. We hope these traditional remedies can be helpful for you. Parents can apply these methods to ensure their baby enjoys a peaceful sleep!

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