Effective Tips for Alleviating Infant Colic

Effective Tips for Alleviating Infant Colic

Infant colic, a highly common yet concerning condition, often leaves many parents worried, especially first-time caregivers. Understanding this, today’s article shares highly effective remedies for infant colic that you can consider.

Easy and Highly Effective Infant Colic Remedies

When infants experience colic, they appear to be in discomfort, with their faces turning red, evoking feelings of sympathy. If your baby is facing this issue, consider the following remedies:

Effective Tips for Alleviating Infant Colic

Sunbathing for the Baby:

Frequent infant colic could be due to a lack of calcium in the body. Therefore, parents should expose their baby to early morning sunlight. Choose a time before 8 AM when the sunlight is mild and allow the baby to bask for 20-30 minutes. Noticeable improvements can be seen after a few days of trying.

Using a Rope:

According to folklore, placing a piece of rope under the crib, where the baby sleeps, is believed to effectively alleviate infant colic. Although there’s no scientific explanation for this method, many people have applied it successfully.

Baby Massage:

Massage is another widely adopted and successful remedy for infant colic. Regularly massaging and gently kneading the baby’s hands and feet can provide comfort and relaxation, especially for babies who spend a lot of time lying down. If you notice your baby experiencing colic, softly stroke and pat their body to reassure and relax them.


Newborns often feel insecure as the outside world is different from the womb. This can cause them to twist their bodies. To prevent this, mothers can place a bolster pillow around the baby or swaddle them tightly in a blanket to provide warmth and security, minimizing twisting or turning during sleep.

Effective Tips for Alleviating Infant Colic

In Conclusion

Many parents have successfully applied these infant colic remedies. Therefore, if your baby is experiencing this issue, you can give these remedies a try. However, make sure to choose remedies that feel safe and suitable for your child to avoid any unfortunate occurrences.

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