Effective Home Remedies for Middle Ear Infections in Children

Effective Home Remedies for Middle Ear Infections in Children

Many parents opt for home remedies to treat middle ear infections in children instead of using medication. These remedies are known for their high effectiveness, cost-saving nature, and lack of side effects. If your child is experiencing a middle ear infection, you can consider the following remedies discussed in this article.

Top Effective Home Remedies for Middle Ear Infections in Children

Middle ear infections are common in young children due to the growth of harmful bacteria in the ear. Therefore, parents can apply one of the following remedies to effectively treat middle ear infections:

Effective Home Remedies for Middle Ear Infections in Children

Honey Usage

Honey possesses strong antibacterial properties that can help cleanse and eliminate harmful bacteria from the ear. Parents can spread honey onto a clean white paper, then fold it into a cone shape. With the child lying on their side, the affected ear facing upward, place the paper cone into the ear and ignite the other end to create smoke.
Apply this method 1-2 times per day, using 2-3 paper cones each time. Avoid using overly short paper cones to prevent any risk of burning the child’s ear.

Betel Leaf

Using betel leaves is another effective remedy for middle ear infections, widely adopted by many parents. Betel leaves possess anti-inflammatory properties, making them suitable for treating middle ear infections. After washing the betel leaves thoroughly, soak them in saline water, then drain and air-dry them for around 2 sunny days. Brew the dried betel leaves with boiled red apples to make a solution for consumption. Administer this solution 3 times per day to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Lemon Balm Leaves

Similar to the above remedies, lemon balm leaves also have significant anti-inflammatory properties, making them an excellent choice for treating middle ear infections in children. Combine lemon balm leaves with licorice, silvervine, honeysuckle, agastache, and chrysanthemum flowers. After cleaning all the ingredients, steep them in 500ml of boiling water until the water volume reduces to half. Divide the solution into 3 equal portions for consumption throughout the day. Continue this treatment for around 10 days, and you will notice a considerable improvement in the child’s middle ear infection condition.

Effective Home Remedies for Middle Ear Infections in Children


Although the home remedies for middle ear infections in children mentioned above utilize natural, gentle, and safe ingredients, it’s essential for parents to contact a doctor promptly if any unusual signs occur during the treatment. This ensures the appropriate and timely response to the situation.

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