Effective Headache Relief Methods

Effective Headache Relief Methods

Headaches can be a symptom of various conditions, stemming from different causes, possibly due to emotional disturbances, fatigue, prolonged stress, resulting in discomfort for the individual. While medication can be used to alleviate pain, overuse can lead to unwanted side effects and worsen the condition. Below, Shopdepre will share with you some effective methods for relieving headaches, so please take a look!

Thai Yang Acupressure Massage

The Thai Yang acupressure point is located behind the junction of the eyebrow and the tail of the eye, about 2 – 3cm. Massaging this acupressure point will help reduce headaches and relieve eye strain.

Effective Headache Relief Methods

He Gu Acupressure Massage

The He Gu acupressure point is located between the thumb and the index finger. By massaging this point, you can help reduce tension and subsequently alleviate headaches.

San Yin Jiao Acupressure Massage

The San Yin Jiao acupressure point is located on the inner side of the ankle, measured from the top of the inner ankle bone. This acupressure point is positioned at a width of 4 fingers. Massaging this point can help reduce tension and soothe headaches.

Tian Zhu Acupressure Massage

The Tian Zhu acupressure point is situated at the back of the head, between the ear and the spine. Massaging this point can help alleviate nasal congestion, ear pain, headaches, and head discomfort.

Effective Headache Relief Methods

Tou Gen Acupressure Massage

The Tou Gen acupressure point is symmetrically located under the inner side of the eyebrow. Massaging this point can help reduce headaches and alleviate runny noses. You can gently rub this area for a minute using pressing or circular motions.

Heat Therapy

Taking a warm bath can help relax fatigued muscles and alleviate headaches. Applying a hot compress can also be highly effective.


Aromas from certain essential oils, particularly lavender oil, can help reduce pain. You can lightly apply oil to your forehead and temple, then rest in a quiet and comfortable room.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can also cause headaches. To avoid this, make sure to stay adequately hydrated. However, excessive water intake can lead to low blood sodium levels, exacerbating headaches and causing nausea and bloating.

Effective Headache Relief Methods

Herbal Remedies

Ginger is a commonly used herbal remedy for treating headaches. Studies have shown its effectiveness. In case of a headache, you can brew a cup of ginger tea and use it.

Whole-Body Massage Chair

Massage is a healthcare method that helps us relax, reduce tension, prevent, and assist in treating various dangerous diseases. You can use a full-body massage chair as a tool to alleviate tension-induced headaches. Additionally, this chair can provide comprehensive care for different parts of your body and your family members.

(Note: The translation provided aims to capture the content of the original text while ensuring clarity in English. Some terms may vary in specific acupressure practices or medical contexts.)

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