Effective Facial Massage with 4 Simple Exercises

Massagae má hạn chế chảy xệ

Facial massage has become increasingly popular as a way to prevent skin sagging. Here are some exercises shared by AVASHOP that can help you achieve effective results.

Eye Area Massage:

Your eyes can become puffy when you oversleep. Massaging the eye area can effectively reduce puffiness. Additionally, for crow’s feet caused by signs of aging, massaging the eyes can alleviate this condition. Eye massage improves blood circulation, reduces excess fat around the eyes, and enhances the aesthetics of your face.

Massage mắt giúp giảm nếp nhăn

To start the eye massage, you can apply a small amount of eye cream or coconut oil to the outer corner of your eye. If you don’t have these ingredients, it’s not necessary. Use gentle strokes in a counterclockwise direction for 8-10 repetitions, and perform the massage twice.

Forehead Massage:

When you’re stressed, you tend to frown, leading to forehead wrinkles. To perform this exercise, place your index fingers on your temples, keeping them fixed. Use your middle and ring fingers to press against each other and gently massage the area between your eyebrows to the hairline. Massaging your forehead for 1 minute every day helps relax the muscles, reduce wrinkles, and promote collagen production, which supports skin beauty.


Cheek Massage:

Over time, due to aging or the habit of sleeping on one side, your skin can become saggy. You can massage your cheek area to improve this condition. Before massaging, apply a little coconut oil or olive oil for easier movement. Place your index and middle fingers on the cheekbones near the mouth and use these two fingers to pull the skin upward along the cheekbones, following the bone structure. Repeat this motion 8-10 times for each session. Performing this exercise daily helps maintain rosy cheeks, reduce facial fat, and limit sagging.

Jawbone Area Massage:

Similar to the cheek massage, apply a small amount of coconut oil or olive oil to the jawbone area. Place your thumb under your chin and your index finger on the jawbone, pressing both fingers into the face. Perform this motion 4-5 times for optimal results.

Massagae má hạn chế chảy xệ

AVASHOP hopes that with these shared exercises, you can improve your skin condition. You can perform these massage exercises whenever you have free time since they are simple and can be done at any time. If done regularly, you will notice significant improvements in your facial skin. Additionally, if you feel tired, you can use a massage chair to relax your body.

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