Effective Belly Fat Reduction Massage

Effective Belly Fat Reduction Massage

Massage serves multiple purposes such as promoting health, relieving stress, enhancing beauty, and reducing pain. Individuals who use full-body massage chairs equipped with infrared heat and combined with effective kneading motions can significantly reduce abdominal fat. Alternatively, you can perform belly massage at home. Shopdepre will share with you that dedicating just 30 minutes a day to massage can help you achieve a slim and firm waistline, free from excess fat.

Benefits of Abdominal Massage

When performed correctly and at the appropriate time, abdominal massage offers numerous benefits. It stimulates the blood vessels beneath the skin, improves blood circulation, and thus positively affects the metabolic processes beneath the skin. It enhances the activity of fat cells in the abdomen and waist. Additionally, abdominal massage can alleviate menstrual pain and aid digestion.

Effective Belly Fat Reduction Massage

How to Perform Belly Fat Reduction Massage

Prepare massage oil; baby massage oil can be used. Place a few drops on the palm of your hand and rub them together to warm the oil. Start the massage as follows:

Effective Belly Fat Reduction Massage

Use your thumbs to press directly from the groin area up to the waist, repeating this motion 3 times with moderate pressure. This aims to stimulate acupressure points for effective massage. Next, use your hands to gently stroke the abdomen, and then rotate your palms clockwise and counterclockwise around the navel for about 20 repetitions. This technique helps alleviate menstrual pain, but avoid using excessive pressure. Finally, press between the hip and groin area to conclude the massage. Remember to stay hydrated, avoid late-night eating or snacking to notice more noticeable changes.

Effective Belly Fat Reduction Massage

Some individuals who should avoid this massage include pregnant women, individuals with high blood pressure, those who have just eaten, individuals with uterine or bladder inflammation, and those with gallbladder issues.

Thus, shopdepre has shared comprehensive information related to the effective belly fat reduction massage.

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