Duck Hotpot: What Are the Best Vegetables to Eat with It?

Duck Hotpot: What Are the Best Vegetables to Eat with It?

Duck hotpot, a popular rustic dish in the Southwestern region of Vietnam, is made by simmering tender duck meat and duck congealed blood with smooth cassava noodles. To enhance the flavor of this dish, people often enjoy it with a variety of vegetables. So, what are the best vegetables to eat with duck hotpot for the most delicious and authentic experience? Follow this article from Shopdepre to find out.

Popular Vegetables to Enjoy with Duck Hotpot

Many wonder which vegetables are best paired with duck hotpot and whether it’s necessary to eat it with fresh vegetables. To preserve the soul and appeal of the dish, choosing the right vegetables is crucial.

Duck Hotpot: What Are the Best Vegetables to Eat with It?

  1. Water Spinach (Rau Muống), Lettuce, and Mustard Greens (Rau Cải):
    • Many people opt for water spinach, mustard greens, or lettuce to accompany this dish. Additionally, you can also use herbs like basil, Vietnamese coriander (rau mùi), and perilla leaves to enhance the flavor.
  2. Water Mimosa (Giá Sống Chần):
    • When enjoying duck hotpot, you mustn’t overlook water mimosa. The perfect blend of water mimosa with the rich, creamy coconut broth and the aroma of cassava creates an incredibly delightful taste. Anyone who tries this combination will want to experience it again.
  3. Mushrooms:
    • You can also use various types of mushrooms, such as straw mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and wood ear mushrooms, to add depth and flavor to the dish. The chewy texture of mushrooms complements the sweetness of the duck meat.

Vegetables to Accompany Duck Hotpot with Cassava Noodles

If you’re wondering which vegetables are best to accompany duck hotpot with cassava noodles, the top choices are water spinach (rau muống), mustard greens (cải thìa), and perilla leaves (lá tía tô). Additionally, finely chopped or grated water mimosa (giá trần) adds an extra layer of flavor. Water spinach can be finely chopped or shredded with chayote or luffa gourd. These combinations are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Duck Hotpot: What Are the Best Vegetables to Eat with It?

For people in the Mekong Delta region, they typically use just three types of vegetables: water spinach, water mimosa, and cassava. However, you can select from a variety of vegetables to accompany this hotpot, depending on your preferences.

In conclusion, we’ve covered the question of what vegetables go well with duck hotpot. We hope this article has helped you understand the various vegetable choices to enjoy with this dish and gain a better appreciation for the culinary richness of the Southwestern Vietnamese cuisine.

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