Common Mistakes When Massaging Babies

Common Mistakes When Massaging Babies

Massage is a very beneficial health care solution for everyone, including both adults and infants. However, if massage techniques are not performed correctly, they can have negative effects on a baby. So, let’s explore with Shopdepre the common mistakes when massaging babies!

Massaging When Ill

If you think that massaging a baby when they feel tired or unwell will make them feel more comfortable and healthier, this is entirely wrong. According to health experts, when a baby shows signs of illness or discomfort, parents should avoid massaging them. At this time, the baby’s body is very sensitive, and massaging or rubbing during this period can make the baby more prone to colds or worsen their condition.

Common Mistakes When Massaging Babies

Massaging for Too Long and Too Frequently

According to medical studies, the appropriate massage duration depends on the age of the child. For newborns, parents should only massage for about 2-5 minutes. For children aged 2 months and older, you can massage for about 8-10 minutes, and for babies aged 10 months and older, you can extend it to 10-15 minutes. Massaging once a day helps with a baby’s digestion and overall well-being. However, it’s important not to overdo it with too frequent sessions.

Massage Without Interaction

Combining massage with conversation can help a baby develop language skills early and reduce discomfort due to tension, leading to better results. Moreover, this shows love and sweet care for the baby, contributing to their physical and psychological development.

Considerations When Massaging Babies

Start with gentle movements to assess the baby’s mood. If the baby cries a little, try to soothe them first. If the baby cries a lot, it’s better to postpone the massage.

Do not massage or rub if the baby doesn’t want it, is hungry, just finished eating, or is unwell. Do not wake the baby up for a massage, and do not force the baby to stay in one position.

Morning or early evening is a good time for baby massage.

Common Mistakes When Massaging Babies

Before starting the massage, ensure that the room is at a comfortable temperature. Avoid drafts or direct fan airflow towards the baby. During the massage, remove all jewelry from your hands and trim your nails to avoid scratching the baby’s skin.

You can use massage oil or baby oil during the massage to make it easier. However, be cautious about allergies and skin reactions, as some oils have strong antibacterial properties.

Additionally, parents should learn to recognize the baby’s reactions and understand their natural biological rhythms to meet the baby’s needs and desires. Only when we use the appropriate and correct massage techniques can we bring these benefits to the baby.

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