Common Mistakes in Massage


Massage is a popular practice, but it requires skill to be done correctly. AVASHOP will share with you some common mistakes often encountered in the following:

Applying too much pressure

When subjected to excessive force, muscles can become sore and even sustain injuries. This is particularly true for the face, which has sensitive skin. If excessive force is applied for an extended period, your skin is prone to sagging, wrinkling, and redness. Additionally, excessive pressure during massage can cause discomfort, fatigue, and leave behind red marks that are difficult to heal.
Some massage establishments have staff members who stand or sit on the client’s body. This action is extremely dangerous and can cause severe harm to the client.

Excessive force during massage can result in bruises and, even more dangerously, impede blood circulation. It can especially pose a significant risk for insufficient blood supply to the brain.


Sleeping immediately after massage

After a massage session, you may feel relaxed, comfortable, and even drowsy. However, it is not advisable to sleep immediately after a massage. Instead, engage in gentle activities such as yoga or walking to help regulate your body and enhance the effectiveness of the massage process.

Not using essential oils

If you only rely on manual massage without incorporating essential oils, your skin is prone to dryness and redness due to the significant friction. Therefore, it is recommended that massage practitioners use various types of massage oils to alleviate these conditions. The use of essential oils also provides a pleasant scent and moisturizes the skin, promoting better blood circulation beneath the skin.

Không sử dụng tinh dầu để massage khiến da dễ bị khô vả đỏ

Incorrect acupressure points

Massage requires the practitioner to have good technique to accurately target and apply pressure to the acupressure points. Massaging the wrong acupressure points can lead to muscle soreness, fatigue, and even severe injuries. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly research the locations of the acupressure points to ensure a safe and effective massage.

Risk of burns

Using hot stones for relaxation during massage is an effective method to relieve fatigue. However, caution must be exercised when using hot stones because they can cause severe burns if not handled properly. The stones are at high temperatures, and if not attentively handled, they can cause significant burns to the skin. To prevent any unfortunate incidents, massage therapists must adjust the temperature of the hot stones according to each client’s tolerance. If the stones are too hot or the client cannot withstand the heat, the massage should be immediately discontinued to avoid any regrettable accidents.

Bấm huyệt không đúng cách khiến cơ thể bị nhức mỏi

When engaging in a massage, it is important to be aware of these potential mistakes. In addition to traditional massage, you can also consider using full-body massage chairs for relaxation whenever you feel fatigued.

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