Causes of Knee Pain in Young People

Causes of Knee Pain in Young People

Knee pain and discomfort are not uncommon, but what’s unusual is its prevalence among young individuals nowadays. Let’s delve into this topic with Shopdepre.

Unusual Symptoms of Knee Pain in Young Individuals

One distinct feature of knee pain in young people is the absence of typical signs such as swelling, redness, or inflammation. While older individuals might experience knee pain that radiates throughout the thigh and calf, in younger individuals, the discomfort is predominantly concentrated below the knee.

Causes of Knee Pain in Young People

Most young individuals with knee pain might notice popping sounds when they move, stiffness in the knee joint, and difficulty bending or extending, particularly in the morning or after prolonged sitting.

Causes of Knee Pain in Young Individuals

The primary cause for knee pain among the elderly is degeneration or inflammation of the knee joint. However, in young individuals, the causes are often linked to lifestyle habits, intense physical activity, injuries, or structural misalignments.

Excess Weight and Obesity

This is a common cause of knee pain in young individuals. Did you know that every time you take a step, your knee joint experiences about one and a half times your body weight in force? When you run, this force increases to five times your body weight. This indicates that for every extra kilogram, your knee joint has to endure five times the force while running.

Squatting, Kneeling, Crossing Legs, and High Heels

Due to the nature of their jobs, many individuals are required to sit for extended periods in positions that involve bending the knees, such as tailors, drivers, office workers, etc. Similarly, individuals who frequently wear high heels and engage in extensive walking, like teachers or receptionists, are at risk of developing knee pain.

Causes of Knee Pain in Young People

Sitting in a squatting position or crossing legs for extended periods can also lead to knee pain. These positions exert significant pressure on the knee cartilage, causing it to wear down, become compressed, and degenerate prematurely. Lifting heavy objects or standing on one leg with the knee not properly aligned can also lead to knee pain.

Sprains and Strains

These refer to injuries or stretched ligaments. When a sprain occurs, the knee becomes painful and bruises around the joint due to blood pooling, resulting in symptoms of knee pain in young individuals.


The knee joint is constantly in motion and under significant pressure. It is vulnerable to injuries, even from minor accidents, like falling, sports-related impacts in soccer, basketball, or skateboarding.

Synovial Fluid Inflammation

The synovial fluid is a lubricant and cushion for the knee joint. When injuries occur in the knee, this fluid becomes inflamed, leading to knee pain in young individuals.

Congenital Leg Misalignment

When the legs are bowed or the knees knock together, the knee joint experiences uneven pressure, leading to premature knee joint degeneration.

Natural Ways to Alleviate Knee Pain Without Medication

Knee pain can impede daily activities. While resorting to pain relief medication might seem like a quick fix, it poses risks if overused. Here are some natural approaches:

Causes of Knee Pain in Young People

Keep your knees warm during rainy or cold seasons through massages.
Perform leg exercises, such as elevating your legs about 10 cm using a pillow and then extending and lowering them, about 20 times before or after waking up.
Choose well-fitting, supportive shoes to ensure proper posture and gait.
Gently move your knees and joints before engaging in sports or rigorous activity.
Make changes to your daily habits to prevent knee pain from occurring.
Additionally, if you’re short on time for daily physical activity, you might consider exploring a massage chair.

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