Can Eating American Corn Help with Weight Loss? How to Eat It for Weight Loss?

Can Eating American Corn Help with Weight Loss? How to Eat It for Weight Loss?

American corn, a familiar food in daily meals, is known for its sweet taste and ease of consumption. However, due to its sweetness, many people wonder if eating American corn can contribute to weight loss and how to consume it for that purpose. If you share these questions, let’s find the answers through the following article.

Nutritional Components in American Corn

Before we delve into whether eating American corn aids weight loss, let’s understand its nutritional components. Corn, in general, and American corn, in particular, contain a variety of nutrients. On average, one cob of American corn consists of:

140g of water.
177 calories.
40g of carbohydrates.
Unsaturated fatty acids with 29.5mg of omega-3 and 961mg of omega-6.
5g of protein.
5g of dietary fiber.
Various vitamins such as Vitamin E, B-group vitamins, and Vitamin C.

The Truth: Can Eating American Corn Help with Weight Loss?

Based on the nutritional breakdown provided above, eating American corn can indeed contribute to weight loss. Despite containing relatively low calories and fat, this doesn’t mean you can consume it excessively. So, how should you consume American corn for weight loss?

Meal Timing

According to research, consuming American corn in the morning is beneficial for weight loss. Replacing your breakfast with a cob of American corn can provide your body with necessary energy and nutrients.

Furthermore, if you boil the corn at home, leave the husk on and consume the corn water as well. The husk contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phytochemicals – compounds that regulate genes controlling fat accumulation, potentially aiding effective abdominal fat reduction.

Moderate Consumption

While eating American corn can aid weight loss, it’s important to consume it in moderation. Limit your intake to around 1 to 2 cobs per day and 3 to 4 times per week. Consuming excessive amounts continuously may hinder your weight loss efforts and could lead to weight gain instead.

Scientific Preparation

Apart from boiling, you can prepare American corn in various dishes such as soup, salad, or corn porridge. These are all wholesome and nutritious options that contribute to effective weight loss.

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve learned whether eating American corn can assist in weight loss, consider incorporating this food into your weight loss regimen. With a balanced diet, you can achieve successful weight loss through the inclusion of American corn.

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