Black garlic: What is it, and understanding its benefits

Black garlic: What is it, and understanding its benefits

Recently, many young mothers have been discussing a surprising food item called black garlic, so what is black garlic, and what are its benefits? This blog has gathered some information to share with you, hoping to help you gain a better understanding of this nutritious food.

What is black garlic?

Black garlic is a product that is formed through the fermentation of garlic, typically for about 45 to 60 days under ideal conditions of humidity and temperature. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of black garlic machines on the market that can shorten the process to around 12 days.

Black garlic: What is it, and understanding its benefits

After completing the black garlic-making process, it takes on a black color, has a sweet taste, and the pungent smell of regular garlic is completely eliminated. It is also much more nutritious than regular garlic.

In many countries around the world, black garlic is considered a functional food with widespread consumption. Many users believe that it can help extend youthfulness due to its high antioxidant properties.

According to research conducted at the Military Medical Academy and the Food & Nutrition Research Center, after the black garlic-making process, the product contains significantly higher levels of active compounds, especially S-allyl-L-Cysteine (a proven substance that prevents the formation of tumors), which increases by 5-6 times compared to regular garlic.

So, what are the benefits of black garlic?

Clearly, the benefits of black garlic are mostly related to supporting health and preventing diseases, but what exactly are they? It’s important to have a clearer understanding for peace of mind when using it.

Contributes to cancer prevention and lowers cholesterol

Fresh garlic contains a substance with the ability to prevent tumor formation called S-allyl-L-Cysteine. After the fermentation process, the level of this substance in black garlic can increase by 5-6 times. Derivatives of the amino acid cysteine in black garlic also have a cholesterol-lowering effect.

Boosts the immune system

Garlic contains agents that can combat bacteria, harmful fungi, and other microorganisms. In black garlic, the absorption of these agents is much more efficient, significantly enhancing the user’s immune system and natural defense mechanisms.

The antioxidant process in black garlic is also twice as high as that of regular garlic, making it excellent for skincare and anti-aging. Additionally, this effect helps support the treatment of chronic conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, circulatory problems, low-grade inflammation, and various other chronic ailments.

Some other unexpected benefits

In addition to the two key benefits mentioned above that have made black garlic famous, it also has many other surprising advantages.

After the fermentation process, black garlic loses its strong, pungent odor and develops a slightly sweet and tender taste, making it a versatile addition to various dishes.

Consuming black garlic can supplement overall health, improve skin, protect the liver, and enhance sexual function.

Who should consume black garlic?

With its numerous benefits, it can be said that anyone can benefit from consuming black garlic to boost their body’s resistance. However, due to its relatively high cost, the following individuals may prioritize using black garlic:

Those who frequently encounter harmful environments
Individuals with weakened immunity
Patients with diabetes
Individuals with high blood pressure or high cholesterol
Men seeking enhanced physical fitness
Women who want to preserve their youthful appearance
In conclusion, this blog has provided essential information about black garlic, including what it is and its benefits. While the information may not be exhaustive, it should help users gain a better understanding of the characteristics of this nutritious food.

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