Answering the question: Is using “sìn sú” harmful?

Answering the question: Is using "sìn sú" harmful?

“Sìn sú” is a traditional medicine of the Ê Đê ethnic group that has been passed down through generations. This remedy is known to enhance male sexual function and improve premature ejaculation. So what exactly is “sìn sú,” what are its ingredients, and is it harmful? All of these questions will be answered in the following article.

What is “Sìn Sú”?

In simple terms, “sìn sú” is a herbal remedy made from rare natural ingredients used by the Ê Đê people. Its main effect is to help men prevent premature ejaculation, prolong the duration of sexual intercourse, and assert their masculinity in the bedroom.


According to the Ê Đê people, it is considered an indispensable item for men to conquer their partners. The use of “sìn sú” makes them passionate, easily reach orgasm, and experience heightened pleasure and happiness.

Ingredients of “Sìn Sú”

“Sìn sú” is a combination of various rare herbs that are not only beneficial for health but also for male sexual function. Through a special preparation method, a medicinal concoction has been created to preserve the happiness of families and couples. The ingredients of “sìn sú” include:

Toad venom
Codonopsis root (Dangshen)

Is using “Sìn Sú” harmful?

Currently, there is no official research on the health risks of using “sìn sú.” Based on the experiences of previous users, the first-time use of “sìn sú” may cause a tingling and warming sensation. This is a normal sign that the product is taking effect, so there is no need to worry about it. Subsequent uses will no longer produce such sensations, indicating that the body has adapted.

Furthermore, “sìn sú” is only used topically on the penis and is not ingested directly, so the product does not cause any other side effects. It is considered safe and does not pose any harm to the body. However, it is recommended to use an appropriate amount of “sìn sú” and avoid using excessive amounts that may cause the penis to become exhausted due to prolonged hardness. Compared to spray or lotion products, using “sìn sú” is much safer and more effective.


The information in this article has helped answer the question of whether using “sìn sú” is harmful. It is a herbal product that is safe for health and beneficial for male sexual function, so men can use it with confidence.

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