Answering Questions on What a Breastfeeding Mother Should Eat When a Newborn Baby Has a Cough

Answering Questions on What a Breastfeeding Mother Should Eat When a Newborn Baby Has a Cough

Newborn babies are delicate and susceptible to conditions like cough and cold. During this stage, they can’t be treated with regular medications and need care through breastfeeding. So, what should a breastfeeding mother eat when her newborn baby has a cough? Explore the article below from Shopdepre to find out.


Beef contains various vitamins and minerals, which are highly beneficial for both the mother and the baby’s health. A study has shown that beef is rich in zinc and selenium, accounting for more than half of the daily nutritional needs. Therefore, mothers should include this food in their diet to improve the quality of breast milk, ensuring the baby’s health and faster recovery from cough.

Answering Questions on What a Breastfeeding Mother Should Eat When a Newborn Baby Has a Cough

Pork Trotters

Pork trotters are known as a superfood for breastfeeding, and they are widely used in various dishes. Trotters are rich in protein and other nutrients, helping mothers produce more and better-quality breast milk. Some delicious and nutritious dishes made from trotters include trotter stew with papaya, trotter stew with bitter gourd, and trotter stew with pumpkin.


Papaya contains essential components such as Vitamins A, C, E, K, carotene, fiber, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and more. These nutrients play a crucial role in developing the baby’s immune system. Additionally, papaya is known to stimulate milk production effectively. Therefore, if you’re wondering what to eat as a breastfeeding mother when your newborn has a cough, the answer is papaya.

Cavendish Banana

Cavendish banana is another fruit rich in vitamins and minerals, and it’s safe for both the baby and the mother. So, don’t forget to include this food in your diet, especially when your baby has a cough. In addition, you can consume other fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, guavas, grapes, broccoli, and carrots.


Last but not least is chicken, which is one of the nutrient-rich foods containing calcium, protein, and abundant zinc. Incorporate chicken into your diet to help improve your baby’s cough condition.

Answering Questions on What a Breastfeeding Mother Should Eat When a Newborn Baby Has a Cough

These are all the details related to the question of what a breastfeeding mother should eat when her newborn has a cough. Hopefully, the shared information in this article helps you establish a suitable diet and provide better care for your beloved baby.

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