Answer: Should You Apply Serum After Using Facial Mask?

Answer: Should You Apply Serum After Using Facial Mask?

Serum is a concentrated solution with high absorption capabilities that effectively addresses specific skin concerns. A complete skincare routine undoubtedly includes the step of applying serum. But should you use serum after using a facial mask? And when is the best time to do so? Let’s find the answers through the following information.

Answer: Should You Apply Serum After Using Facial Mask?

Unlike regular skincare products, serums have specialized skincare formulas with a wide range of bioactive ingredients such as acids, antioxidants, and various vitamins. These products have high absorption capabilities due to their small molecules that penetrate deep into the skin.


While moisturizers and facial masks primarily work on the epidermis, only liquid serums can deliver nourishing compounds deep into the dermis, truly caring for the skin. The ingredients in these serums act on multiple cellular layers, stimulating the process of cell regeneration for a bright, smooth, and even-toned complexion. Hence, using serum is an essential step in deep skin nourishment.

When is the best time to use serum?

According to beauty experts, serum should be used twice a day, as the first step in your skincare routine after cleansing and toning. Other products such as sunscreen or moisturizer can be applied after the serum. However, the decision to use serum immediately after using a facial mask may vary depending on individual skin conditions or the type of serum.

In reality, after using a facial mask, you may decide whether to apply serum or a moisturizer based on your skin’s specific needs. Some people may choose to apply serum immediately after using the mask, while others may feel that it could make their skin feel sticky or overwhelmed, leading them to consider alternative options.


Additionally, after using a facial mask, it’s essential to assess whether the serum you plan to use is compatible with the type of mask you’ve applied. For masks with fewer nutrients, you can use serum before or after applying the mask, depending on the consistency of the serum (thicker or lighter). For masks rich in nutrients, it’s advisable to apply the serum afterward.

In conclusion, the information provided above should help you decide whether to apply serum after using a facial mask. Consider your skin condition, the type of mask used, and the serum’s formulation to create a suitable skincare routine.

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