5 Fun Foot Massage Positions for Children

Massage lòng bàn chân cho trẻ bị đau bụng

Foot massage offers many benefits for young children. AVASHOP will share some massage techniques to support digestion and your child’s mood.

Thumb Toe Massage to Improve Mood

Massaging the thumb toe can help improve your child’s mood. When massaging the thumb toe, gently press and stroke it softly. This massage technique can enhance your child’s pineal gland function and regulate their mood effectively.

Massage ngón chân cái cho bé

Arch Massage to Relieve Stomachache

When your child experiences stomachache, you can massage the arch of their foot to alleviate the discomfort. The central point of the arch is connected to the stomach meridian. By gently rubbing this area, you can help soothe your child’s stomachache. Additionally, massaging this spot can help your child regain calmness.

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Toe Head Massage for Teething Comfort

During the teething stage, children often experience discomfort. You can massage your child’s toes by gently rubbing each toehead. The toeheads are connected to the head and sinus regions. Massaging these areas will make your child more comfortable while teething.

Massage lòng bàn chân cho trẻ bị đau bụng

Middle Foot Massage for Constipation Relief

The area between the arches of the foot is connected to the digestive system through reflexology. By gently massaging the middle part of your child’s foot and moving from the inside to the outside, you can help improve their constipation condition. This massage technique allows your child to have easier bowel movements and promotes a healthy digestive system.

Massage cho bé dễ chịu trong thời kỳ mọc răng

Inner Arch Massage to Aid in Easy Awakening

When you want to wake your child up, you can gently press the area near the middle of their foot towards the inner arch. This area is connected to the kidney meridian, so a gentle stimulation can help awaken your child comfortably.

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