4 Facial Massage Points for Women to Maintain Youthfulness

Massage giữa hai chân mày xóa nếp nhăn

Facial massage has long been known for its excellent benefits, especially for women. Here are some massage techniques that AVASHOP would like to share with you.

The area between the eyebrows

This position is located between the eyebrows. Massaging this area daily stimulates the main endocrine and thyroid glands, resulting in a healthier and rosier complexion. It also helps improve blood circulation, sculpt the face, and reduce wrinkles on the forehead, nasal folds, and cheeks. Performing this massage not only enhances the beauty of your skin but also effectively reduces tension. To perform this massage movement, place your index finger right in the middle of the brow bone and gently massage in a spiral motion.

Massage giữa hai chân mày xóa nếp nhăn

Under the eyes

This area is located near the cheekbone, about one finger’s width below the eye socket. Regular massage in this area will help brighten your skin, making it more vibrant and revitalized. It also prevents puffiness when massaged regularly. This massage also provides a great relaxation experience after a tiring day, allowing you to work more effectively.

The sides of the nose

The massage point is located near the upper cheekbone, about one finger’s width below the eye. Use your fingers to massage in circular motions with moderate pressure for about 30 seconds. Repeat this 2-3 times to improve blood circulation, reduce swelling in this area, and achieve a smoother and rosier complexion. This massage helps reduce wrinkles around the nose, lip lines, and mouth corners.


Under the ears

This area is located at the earlobe and jawbone, right above the upper cheekbone. You will feel the movement of the jawbone when placing your hand on this point. Massaging this area helps balance the thyroid gland and gives the skin a rosy and radiant appearance. You can use essential oils to enhance the effectiveness of the massage and make your skin more beautiful. Massaging these facial points will make the overall facial massage more effective. These points on the face are interconnected. When you stimulate one point, the surrounding areas are also affected. This movement also helps relieve headaches and reduce fatigue and tension. Massaging under the ears also promotes better sleep and prevents insomnia.

Massage giữa hai cánh mũi

With these shared tips, AVASHOP hopes that women will gain useful knowledge for skincare. Additionally, if you feel tired, you can use a massage chair to relax your body.

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